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Below are the services I provide, in detail.

Broadband Problem

If your broadband is not functioning properly or not functioning at all and your broadband provider is unable to help or is insisting that the problem is with your system or setup and they cannot assist with it, I can help you resolve these issues.

Broadband or Internet Sharing

If your broadband was installed on one computer only and you need to have access on multiple computers, I can help you set up your broadband sharing. So the whole family can surf the internet at same time.


When you have multiple PCs and you want to share data or devices such as printers or scanners, connected to the PCs, you need networking. I can set up wired or wireless networking for easier access to the data and devices.

I can set up home or office networks with cables or wireless technology. I can advise on the right equipment to buy and set it up for you. I can also configure a wireless network to be secure from use by unwanted users.

Software Problem

If a certain software or game is not functioning as it was or is interfering with another software, I can fix and sort out the conflicts.

Computer Virus Infection

A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer. Computer viruses, may cause harm to either a computer system's data, performance, or networking, when they are executed.

A virus may install unwanted programs on your computer that can cause it to malfunction, and in some cases it also deletes your data! Additionally it may go though your e-mail address book and send itself to all of your contacts.

I can remove viruses and make your computer functional again.

Spyware, Adware or Malware Infection

Spyware, Adware or Malware are computer programs that can collect information about users without their knowledge, automatically displays, or downloads advertisements to a computer, infiltrate a computer system without the owner's informed consent.

These programs have the ability to scan systems or monitor activity and pass this information to other computers. They can collect data, such as passwords, log-in details, account numbers, and other personal information.

They typically create "pop-up" adverts which invite you to purchase usually unwanted products or even tell you that you have spyware installed on your computer and invite you to buy an anti-spyware product!

These can also slow down your system to an extent that it is barely usable. I can remove these malicious softwares so your computer is usable again and works faster.

Data Transfer

You got a new computer but your data is on the old computer. You do not know what different types of data files are and where they are saved on your old computer.

I can locate and transfer all types of data files from your old computer to new one so you can give the old computer away for somebody else to use.

Data Recovery

You have accidentally deleted some of your precious data files such as family photos and cannot recover them from the Trash. In most cases I can recover these files for you to cherish them.

Backups and Data Safety

How serious would it be if you lose your computer data? Your e-mails? Your Word documents? How much time would you lose re-writing letters, essays or other documents?

There are many different backup strategies which can save you many headaches and problems in the future. Some methods are very cheap and can be set up in minutes.

I can show you how, so you will feel at ease, that your key data is safe. I can help you to set up a data backup system. If your PC/laptop is lost/stolen or there is a fire, you can be rest assured that your important data is safe and secure.

Firewall Installation for Data Security

With the advent of broadband and "always-on" internet connections, internet or data security is more important than ever. A permanent internet connection is prone to attack by programs that scan internet connections for security holes. I can install software and hardware firewalls which provide varying levels of protection.

Unstable Computer

Boot failure or the PC fails to turn on or go into Windows completely. System crashes or the PC stops working and either "freezes" or the screen goes blue with an error message. I can help solve these problems and give advice on how to reduce the risk of them happening again.

Hardware Problem

Sometimes many of the problems can be related to hardware, such as computer restarting or freezing suddenly. Not turning on at all. I can pinpoint the problem and help you replace the problematic part if required.

Multimedia Installation

I can help you install or replace a newer graphic/display card or sound/audio card or any other card such as USB or Firewire add on card.

Network Card or Modem Installation

If your computer need a new network/ethernet card or modem for internet access or networking, I can install for you.

E-mail Problems

One of the most common problems people have is trouble accessing e-mails. E-mail is probably the most important internet application there is, and it's very frustrating if you have a problem with it! I can help with e-mail problems, web mail, move e-mail from one program to another, and other requirements.

Internet Help

If you need help with some of the web sites being blocked or if you want to make it safer for your children to surf the web by blocking some of the content, I can guide and assist you in making web surfing a better experience.

Web Site Design & Web Site Hosting

In this age of Internet I can develop and host your web site on the Internet. This is the smart way to prove your presence in the web age and get yourself noticed. It is also a great way to be in touch with your family and friends living abroad or at a distance.

Web hosting and web designing services can be provided to anyone internationally. Price for web designing vary from project to project. It depends on the number of pages, type of content and amount of content.

If you are interested in web designing, please contact me with your requirements and details, I shall provide you an estimate.